Barbed Wire Necklace

The barbed wire necklace from is part of the Barbed Wire Collection, and is made of 925 Sterling Silver. All Nove25 jewels are designed and made in Italy and hand finished to ensure the highest quality and detail. You can choose between Polished or Brushed finishes. This barbed-wire necklace is available in both silver and gold finishes. It is a statement piece for any outfit! And because this piece is so unique, you can mix and match it with other jewelry pieces from the Nove25 collection.

The necklace has metal barbs that can pierce the skin but are too short to pierce human flesh. While the barbed-wire necklace’s design is evocative of barbed-wire fences, the metal wire cannot pierce human flesh. This means that the barbed-wire elements are merely cut to draw blood and create pain. Since they are firmly embedded into the material, they stay in place and can cause serious injuries.

A barbed wire necklace has a distinctive shape, reminding many of the metal bars used in the construction of a prison. It has a comfortable shape, so the elements lie comfortably against the skin. Its zinc alloy construction is particularly sturdy and goes well with dark outfits. It will also stand out in a crowd. In addition to its unique style, it is also an unusual way to add a unique and unusual piece of jewelry.

Unlike other styles, a barbed wire necklace is an original piece of jewelry that you can wear to show your personality. It has a shape reminiscent of barbed wire, and the elements rest comfortably against the skin. The metal is lightweight and looks stunning, and goes especially well with dark outfits. This piece of art is sure to turn heads and attract a lot of attention. A barbed wire necklace will add a unique twist to your outfit and make a statement.

A barbed wire necklace is an original piece of jewelry. Its design is reminiscent of barbed wire, and its elements lay comfortably against the skin. Because it is made of zinc alloy, it is durable and goes well with dark outfits. You should wear it with care, however, as it may irritate your skin. Alternatively, you can get a barbed wire necklace at a tattoo shop and wear it with a darker outfit.

There are several ways to buy a barbed wire necklace. While you can buy it at a body jewelry store, it is also possible to make it at home. Most barbed wire necklaces have barbs that measure 1/4″ to 3/8″. The longer they are, the more secure they are. On the other hand, the shorter the barbs are, the easier it is for someone to get a hold of you. So if you plan to wear a barbed wire necklace, you should be aware of how dangerous it can be.

A barbed wire necklace is an original piece of jewelry. Its shape resembles the barbed wire. It has elements that lie comfortably against the skin. It is made of zinc alloy and goes well with dark outfits. If you want to wear a barbed-wire necklace, you should be careful. You can get a real one with a barbed-wire necklace. It is safe to wear and can even be worn with clothing that you’re already wearing.

A barbed wire necklace may be painful to wear, and it may be best to avoid it if you’re allergic to it. A barbed wire necklace is made of metal and will scratch your skin if you get it in contact with it. So, it’s not recommended for children. If you’re unsure about whether to buy a barbed-wire necklace, read this article first. There are different types of these bracelets.

A barbed wire necklace is one of the most original and distinctive necklaces. Its shape resembles the barbed wire, and the elements are made of zinc alloy, so they won’t scratch your skin. Moreover, this necklace can go with any outfit – not only with dark colors but also with light and bright colors. When paired with dark colors, it can make for a great outfit. Its color and texture make it a versatile accessory.

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